Guidance for parents



  • Kindly bind new books and return the same to school and keep cd’s with you for home use.
  • Always send application for sanction of leave of your ward.
  • School fee doesn’t include books and uniform charges.
  • Attend Parent-Teacher meetings regularly.
  • School will send bags of your ward on weekends. But workbooks like drawing book and writing books will be kept in school. (Nur. to IIIrd)
  • Please take care of bag of your ward at home and send your ward with complete bag.
  • RO filter installed in school campus; please do not send your ward with water bottle.
  • Kindly have phone number of driver of your ward’s van.
  • Whenever you come to school keep reference card of your ward with you.
  • The buses will not move on muddy road on rainy days.

Essentials to be carried everyday to school:

  • Student ID card
  • School Bag
  • School Diary
  • Tiffin Box
  • Handkerchief

Things not to be carried to school:

  • Expensive and flashy items like watches, jewellery etc.
  • Electronic items like IPod, Cell-phones, Discman/Walkman, CDs, CD player and Hand held video games etc.
  • Toys, balls and sporting equipments.
  • Inappropriate books, magazines, cassettes etc. with racist communal or obscene literature or images.

In the event that these items are found with the children, they will be confiscated and not returned under any circumstances. Disciplinary action will be taken as deemed fit by the school authorities.

Lost and Found:

  • The school is not responsible for the loss/misplacement of items. In case   any item is lost, parents are required to contact the help desk personally within 2 working days of the loss. If the item is not traced, it will be considered lost. The school will not be liable for the lost items.

All transportation related queries should be directed to Help Desk / Transport In-Charge: 98155-12579


We request the parents and other visitors to co-operate with the security personnel at all levels.

  • All visitors are expected to come to the security cabin at the main gate, sign in the visitor’s book, and report to the Help Desk.
  • Students will be handed over only to the person holding the reference card.

Teacher-Parent Communication:

  • The school diary which has a section allocated for specific teacher parent communication is recommended form for communication. Parents are           requested not to send communications on chits of paper as these can be misplaced and not communicated to the teacher.
  • It is absolutely mandatory for the parent to read and acknowledge the student’s diary everyday and also check for any notes/suggestions or remarks sent by the school authorities.
  • Parents should also read and update themselves on the circulars and notices uploaded on the school website.
  • Send your child to school in neat and clean uniform.
  • Co-operation between the Parents and the School is important to achieve good result of students.
  • Parents are requested to inform the school about any change in Address, Mobile Number or Land line Number.
  • Every Second Saturday will be a holiday.
  • Kindly sign the diary of your ward daily and also write the studying hours of your ward.

School Fees:

All school fees are payable on a quarterly basis in advance. Fee once deposited is not refundable. If fee is paid after the prescribed dates, a fine of Rs. 5/- per day will be charged.

The quarters are defined as under:

                  April – June                                    (fee to be paid at the time of admission)

                  July – September                           (fee to be paid before 10th July)

                  October – December                     (fee to be paid before 10th October)

                  January – March                            (fee to be paid before 10th December)


What Our School Director says?

My compliments to you for making a judicious choice by opting GREEN VALLEY PUBLIC SCHOOL, Badhni Kalan for your child. Our challenge lies not only in raising the institution on a firm and sound footing but also in setting high standards, noble ideals and environment for our students. We firmly believe in raising this institution to pinnacles of glory and achievements.

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